Remedial Massage

remedial-massageRemedial Massage is used for both muscular and skeletal problems as well as benefiting the circulatory and respiratory systems. It also aids the body’s healing and repair processes, restoring structural balance and preventing problems from recurring.

Therapists at Massage Hut combine specialised deep tissue and remedial massage techniques to address the specific needs of each client.



massage-footReflexology involves applying pressure to the soles of the feet with specific thumb, finger and hand techniques. This is intended to improve the health and function of other areas of the body that are thought to be “reflected” in the feet. Research has shown that Reflexology induces relaxation and decreases many kinds of pain.

Reflexology treatments at Massage Hut involve applying pressure to Chinese acupressure points on the feet, combined with extremely relaxing Thai foot massage techniques.

Trigger Point Dry Needling

needlingDry needling of trigger points is an extremely effective technique that uses a very fine acupuncture needle to “deactivate” or “shut down” painful or knotted areas in your muscles. Many of us have areas in our body that feel tense all the time or feel like a hard ball in the muscle. By inserting fine needles into these tight areas, we elicit a “twitch response” or a brief contraction followed by an immediate and long lasting relaxation. Because the needle can treat very deep parts of the muscle, the technique can achieve amazing pain relief that you never thought was possible.

At Massage Hut, we have found dry needling to be extremely effective at relieving some kinds of muscle pain. This technique often provides longer lasting relief than massage therapy alone.